"How To Scale Your Course, Coaching, Software Businesses 24/7 Leveraging One Simple Webinar"

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Does this sound like you?


  • Do you have some months where cash just pours into your business... but you can’t seem to maintain it through consistent course sales?
  • Do you secretly know your worth is more than what you’re charging, but you’re afraid if you raise your prices, no one will pay them?

  • Do you see other people in your business generating the level of revenue you want, and you just have no idea how they’re doing it consistently and on autopilot?

  • Are you working WAY too hard in your business? Too many hours, burning yourself out?

  • Do you feel like technology, or online marketing, is the enemy, or a threat to your business instead of an asset?

  • If you had 20 new clients coming in a month would that break your business?

If so...GREAT...you've made it. 

Why should you come to this masterclass?

Well, good ole Mark C said it best: 

“Unless you have a reliable, duplicatable, scalable and consistent way to bring potential customers in. You don’t have a business, you have a hobby.”


Who is this masterclass for? 

If you are an expert, course creator, local business, product creator, consultant, author, fortune 500 business, or literally anyone looking for a predictable way to sell more and sell consistently, we are going to reveal the best way to combine automation and engagement to systemize your sales process.

Or maybe you have a full blown sales team or need to train employees in the most effective way possible without sacrificing your time, energy and money.

Or maybe you need to onboard your new customers and clients to guarantee they stay with you.  

If any of that resonates with you,
we've got you covered in this training event. 

And of course...what will ya absorb from this masterclass??

  • How you can start to easily sell your courses, services, coaching using EasyWebinar without working harder...Even if you are terrible at doing webinars.

  • How to generate your first 12k a month from 4hrs a month leveraging one live webinar and then how to use EasyWebinar to 4x your webinar revenue using the event launch blueprint.

  • Then how to finally scale from there by tapping into Consistent & Passive income to where you are selling your products 24/7 using EasyWebinar’s funnel automation technology.

  • Learn how to use EasyWebinar for live webinars (Replacing GTW). Want to have more time, energy and freedom in your business? 

  • Learn how to use EasyWebinar for funnels that make some of our customers 20k a day. [We make this dead simple]

  • How you can run every type of webinar there is with EasyWebinar.  

    (Including Live Webinars, Q & A's, Product Demos, Instant Replays, Group Coaching Sessions, One-on-One Sessions, Internal Office Training, And Automated To Live Hybrid Webinars...using EasyWebinar.) 

  • How you can integrate your favorite Autoresponders, CRM Platforms, Membership Platforms, and Page Builders. 

    (Such as ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Drip, Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Active Campaign, Convert Kit, Mailchimp, Aweber and more.. to build your list and continue to use what you already love.) 

  • Learn how to use EasyWebinar's existing pages to customize your own unique webinar funnel. From page color customization to logo uploading, to branded videos and more.  (Fun/Creative/and Personalized!)

    But most importantly...walk away with the secrets to the most powerful sales funnels around. 

    Are you ready?

    Woop! See you at the masterclass! Wear sweats...or a tie... ;) 

Presented by


Casey Zeman

Casey is the Founder of EasyWebinar.  Casey believes in the smart art of using both automation and engagement in your business to build the best marketing, lead and sales machines on the planet.  


Skip Foster

Skip is the customer journey specialist at EasyWebinar and eager to help with your questions either during or after the workshop! 

John @ My Excel Online

I would like to personally thank you for your awesome product.  EasyWebinar is contributing to about 90% of my income since I started using it!