Casey Zeman http://easywebinar.com

Casey is the founder of EasyWebinar. Having worked with more than 10k customers as a top engagement & automation specialist online, Casey has not only created working strategies for clients around engagement, but has created enterprise level software that allows some of his clients to generate 10k-20k a day.

Let me ask you:

Do you have a skill, expertise or a desire to impact
the world in a bigger way...while earning more and
working less? 

Are you currently earning 6 figures but finding you are working WAY too hard in your business? Or doing way too many things? (Wearing every hat) 

Are you spending too many hours on clients that are paying you way too little which in turn is burning you out and making you question why you started your business in the first place? 


If you answered yes to any of these questions.  I get it, I was in the exact same boat.  That's why I wanted to invite you to a webinar that will show you how you can leverage 5 key factors to grow a business around your expertise into a high 6 figure and above range using what I call 'TribeMinded AUTHENTIC AUTOMATION'.

TribeMinded is the core concepts of leveraging online automation and engagement to create systems that build a deeper connection with your PERFECT audience while allowing you to earn more than you ever have while working less. 

At this workshop you will discover:


  • How to tap into consistent and recurring revenue in your business and move from high 5 figures/low 6 figures to the high 6 figures to 7 figure range.  

  • How to stop the vicious LAUNCH cycle where your income is contingent on how often you create more products or do more promotions. [Which can burn you and your list/customers out]

  • How to create a simple step-by-step system for building your email list, finding the PERFECT clients while leveraging your time in the best way possible.

  • How our AUTHENTIC AUTOMATION method has helped our members generate revenue from $10k a month to $600k a month. 

  • How if you're a coach, consultant, product creator, using this TribeMinded Method of Authentic Automation might be the breakthrough you've been looking to finally get.

  • How to leverage the way you package your services delivery so you can work less while making more.

  • How to do all of this without needing a blog, instagram account, content marketing strategy, or other non-concrete method stacked upon itself which can burn you out and cause you to quit before you even start. 

  • Get access to our CLIENT MASTERY BLUEPRINT PDF. This downloadable document will teach you how to land paid clients using paid ads! :) 

  • How to leverage Micro-Actions to Create Macro-Results in both business and life. 

  • Sound interested in transforming your business and life? Register today! 

See you at the event!