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Casey is the founder of EasyWebinar. Having worked with more than 10k customers as a top engagement & automation specialist online, Casey has not only created working strategies for clients around engagement, but has created enterprise level software that allows some of his clients to generate 10k-20k a day.

Are you a consultant, product creator or expert whose sick of being undervalued and underpaid? Are you getting burnt out by the hard slog of ONE-OFF client work...or maybe you are always underselling your courses/programs/services and attracting the completely WRONG type of person into your business?
Don't get me wrong...you LOVE what you do and when you have AMAZING clients but often, your time is being stretched soooo much that even though you REALLY NEED IT, you DREAD getting paid...Ever experienced that????
You have a love/hate relationship with the payments you get from your clients because, those payments equal = you have to trade time for money.
Maybe you also feel that you keep hitting a glass ceiling with your customer acquisition? I hate to break it to you but typically, this is a self-induced ceiling caused by the question you ask yourself...
The struggle is real...
This was me for years as it related to Consulting. I was trading time for money...that is why I went the opposite direction.
I started to create online courses.
I wanted to completely step away from client work.
However, after 6 months of creating a course online, I was faced with a new reality. It wasn't as easy selling it as I had hoped!! :(
I was stuck with a new dilemma.
Going into debt and making no money.
I was racking up debt, 6 months behind on my mortgage payment and crippling my marriage because course creation sounds good, but often it is a lot of hard work.
More on this in a little bit...
One day, while I was on the brink of giving up on my online business...I heard about webinars for selling. I heard that webinars were the craze but didn't truly believe it. That is until I actually started using them myself.
And once I did...
HOLY CRAP. My life changed. Not right away mind you. I had to first understand a concept that I call being TRIBEMINDED
[This is where you start to place a premium on yourself and your time. Where you start to leverage automation and engagement to create the business you want]
I started to actually sell my courses online, charge higher prices and even got back to coaching...but on my own terms (Using the TribeMinded method). To where I had more time, the ability to create more impact in my client's life and of course the solution for making WAY MORE income in my business.
Plus, the next time I created a course took me
1 week rather than 6 months!
That is when it hit me.
Webinars + My TribeMinded system = The best way to leverage my time, generate more revenue, create MORE results-based case studies, and leverage a hybrid of both a course program and coaching together. [Sound interesting?]
I want to give this blueprint to you. No strings...
If you are a someone who wants to become a webinar master and offer up more premium services and programs to your clients the right way...Plus leverage the power of webinars to qualify your ideal, high paying client who loves and values you, then join me for a free workshop. [Details Below]
If you don't know me, my name is Casey Zeman. I am the founder of the popular webinar tool EasyWebinar.
Servicing more than 7k+ customers has given me the rare privilege of witnessing what works and what doesn't in the way of webinars.
What if I could show you a way of rolling in webinar funnels to land consistent high paying clients, and then turn around and give you the BLUEPRINT for offering up the same thing to them [your clients]?
Would that be appealing to you?
If so, then join me for this workshop where I will reveal:
  • How to tap into consistent and recurring revenue in your business and move to the high 6 figures to 7 figure range using webinars.
  • How to stop the vicious LAUNCH cycle where your income is contingent on how often you create more products or do more promotions. [Which can burn you and your list/customers out]
  • How to create a simple step-by-step system for tapping into finding your PERFECT clients who are willing to pay you what you are truly worth. [A system that will get them results]
  • How our SAM method has helped our members generate revenue from $10k a month to $600k a month.[And how to copy this same method and apply it to you]
  • How to leverage the way you package your services so you can work less while making more. [We will show you the ability to offer up pre-done funnels that can skyrocket your value.]
  • How to do all of this without needing a blog, Instagram account, content marketing strategy, or other non-concrete method stacked upon itself which can burn you out and cause you to quit before you even start.
  • The 2 most important things needed for success with webinars and how if you can learn these 2 things and convey them to your audience, you will transform your business as well as their's.
  • Finally, you will learn about a webinar immersion program that I put together that will not only help you to implement becoming a webinar master but will also get you EasyWebinar certified so that you can start charging your clients premium prices for premium services. [More to tell on how to qualify at the event]
You ready?
See you at the event!
Oh, and you don't have to have any experience at running webinars. Curious? Then join us for this workshop! [Once you do, I automatically have a free Client Acquisition Blueprint waiting for you immediately] Woo Hoo!