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Heyo! Have a sec? Question for you...
Are you...a Coach, Consultant, Expert or Sevice, looking to land BETTER clientele willing to pay you what you're worth consistently on a daily basis?

We recently did a poll to our members and they said that their #1 problem was finding TOP PAYING/HIGH VALUE/HIGH NET WORTH clients.  
The second biggest problem was leveraging their time more to where they weren't continuously burning out, while also maintaining the impact they have on their client success.  
The solution? 
Using our automated booking system that leverages webinars for both landing the right clients you want, as well as packaging your offers/services to reach more people with less work. 
What can we do for you? 
  • Automate your customer acquisition
  • Positioning your message to craft your offer/services at higher prices.
  • Giving you a system for creating impactful yet short and to the point webinars that nurture your prospects to where they want to buy from you.
  • A syphon for getting only qualified prospects on the phone.
  • A simple blueprint for streamlining your offer & services to earn more while working less.
Sound appealing?
Sign up to this free workshop to get 100% clarity on the system.  We aren’t selling anything from the webinar but we do have the opportunity to get on a strategy call with someone from our team to determine if we are the right fit for your business. If we determine we’re a good match, we might invite you to be one of our newest coaching clients this month. 
If you don't know me, my name is Casey Zeman. I am founder of the popular webinar tool EasyWebinar. Servicing more than 8k customers has given me the rare privilege of witnessing what works and what doesn't in the way of webinars. 

Some of our clients are using our webinar system as their main source of income. Making anywhere from $300-500 a day to $20k a day.

Want to learn how you can do the same? 

Then join us for this workshop! 


What You'll Learn:


  • How to tap into consistent and recurring revenue in your business and move to the high 6 figures to 7 figure range using webinars. 
  • How to stop the vicious LAUNCH cycle where your income is contingent on how often you create more products or do more promotions. [Which can burn you and your list/customers out]
  • How to create a simple step-by-step system for tapping into finding your PERFECT clients who are willing to pay you what you are truly worth. [A system that will get them results]
  • How our TribeMinded method has helped our members generate revenue from $10k a month to $600k a month.
    [And how to copy this same method and apply it to you]
  • How to leverage the way you package your services so you can work less while making more.
  • How to do all of this without needing a blog, Instagram account, content marketing strategy, or other non-concrete method stacked upon itself which can burn you out and cause you to quit before you even start. 
  • The 2 simple shifts needed for success with webinars that ANYONE can achieve without having to be a SALES GURU, Neuro-linguistic expert, or public speaker. [The 'Webinar Expert' space shakes in their boots when I share these] 
  • And basically how less is more/clarity is better than confusion and overwhelm is left at the door.  
You ready?
See you at the event!
Oh, and you don't have to have any experience at running webinars. Curious? Then join us for this workshop! [Once you do, I automatically have a free Client Acquisition Blueprint waiting for you immediately] Woo Hoo!

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Casey Zeman

Casey is the founder of the popular webinar platform EasyWebinar and creator of the TribeMinded Method and EliteWebinarMastery. Casey believes in using the smart-art of Automation and Engagement to build a business you love. A business that values your expertise. A business that gives you more freedom. A business that makes you smile more...And a business that creates a greater impact in those you serve.