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Do you need to churn out new customers, save the customers you have and possibly stream line how you interact in your business in general? If so...GREAT...you've made it. 

Maybe you are an expert, local business, product creator, author, fortune 500 business, consultant or literally anyone looking to build a know, like and trust with an audience to gain more leads, prospects, and community members.  

Maybe you have a full blown sales team or need to train employees in the most effective way possible without sacrificing your time, energy and money.

Maybe you need to use webinars to onboard your new customers and clients to guarantee they stay with you.  Whatever the case may be, we have got you covered in this training webinar that will teach you how to not only create an effective high converting sales webinar, but also the best ways to essentially roll in webinars as your main relationship builder with your fans, customers and employees.  

What You'll Learn:

  • Why Webinars/Online Events have taken over as the most high converting sales and engagement tool on the planet. 

  • How and Why you can do terrible webinars, but still make money. 

  • The 4 most profitable types of events for promoting your product and business. This 4 step system can quadruple your webinar promotion revenue.

  • The one simple strategy for leveraging webinars like our clients do to where they're making 27k a month all the way to 20k a day. This is perfect for the busy & smart entrepreneur!

  • The 2 most important things needed for success with webinars and how you've basically been duped into not starting to run webinars in the first place. Truth: It's not your fault that you haven't run a webinar yet. It's due to common misconceptions that we are going to bust.

  • How to take advantage of a killer opportunity that will give you clarity and all the tricks needed to dominate sales, list building and authority seeding with webinar.You'll learn how you can copy our blueprints, strategy maps and funnels for creating a consistent marketing machine.

    But most importantly...walk away with the secrets to the most powerful sales funnels around. 

    You ready?

    See you at the event! 

Presented by


Casey Zeman

Casey is the best selling author of 'Build Your Audience with Live Video' and Founder of EasyWebinar.  Casey believes in the smart art of using both automation and engagement in your business to build the best marketing, lead and sales machines on the planet.  All while feeling more connected to your audience and achieving greater freedom in your business.